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  • Helpful commands to improve your workflows
  • Compatible with editors and IDEs based on graphql-config
  • Powerful plugin system to extend graphql-cli with custom commands


Run the following command to install GraphQL CLI globally:

yarn global add graphql-cli graphql


GraphQL CLI utilizes GraphQL Config for its configuration. You can learn more about GraphQL Config here. The easiest way to get started is to run init command from your desired workspace:

npx graphql-cli init

After a series of questions from the command-prompt, the command will use the inputs and selected project templates to generate your configuration file for you. You can also write your own configuration file using an editor of your choice. For example, you could create a .graphqlrc.yml file with the following content:

schema: "server/src/schema/**/*.graphql"documents: "client/src/documents/**/*.graphql"

If you can run the init command with an existing file like the one above, its contents will be included with inputs you provide.


Each command in GraphQL CLI is treated as a plugin. In order to use the command, you have to install it first. Each command's package name follows this pattern: @graphql-cli/[COMMAND-NAME]. So to install the init command we used above, we would run

yarn global add @graphql-cli/init

After installing the command, we can then run it like this:

graphql init

Each command can be configured by updating the extensions field in your configuration file (.graphqlrc.yml). For example, if we install the codegen command, we can provide additional options to it like this:

schema:   ./server/src/schema/**/*.ts:    require: ts-node/registerdocuments: ./client/src/graphql/**/*.tsextensions:  codegen:    generates:      ./server/src/generated-types.d.ts:        plugins:          - typescript          - typescript-resolvers      ./client/src/generated-types.tsx:        plugins:          - typescript          - typescript-operations          - typescript-react-apollo

You can learn more about each command by navigating to its page from the menu. You can also write your own commands; see this guide for a detailed explanation.


Note: You can execute the command graphql discover to open a list of GraphQL CLI plugins you can still. This is the only command that is available without installing additional packages.